My experieces with training programms

I looked into starting an online business since the beginning of 2019 but never found the wright way to start an online business so the most of 2019 went by just work like i was used to it no changes. October 20119 came and i didn’t have done anything but i got new motivation to start an online business.

I looked for training programms to tech me how to start an online business i found a programm which should teach me how to earn money trough affiliate marketing. I tested it spend around 80€ for it but it never teached me anything just overwhelmed me with informations i „need to know“ used tools that didn’t worked anymore because Facebook changed their user agreement.

Then Oktober and November went by because it didn’t worked out like it should i couldn’t figure out what the missing information or missing skill or technic was. I looked for new ways to learn affiliate marketing because i think it’s the best way to start an online business. It can help you in other businesses, you can use the skills and technics you learned apply to marketing in general which is one oft he most useful skills in life overall to have.

At the end of December i found „THE Super Affiliate Network“ the start was only 7$ so i thought what can go wrong. I started this journey and at first they talked about internal belief system.

I first thought that something so little can change so much but it can i noticed it wright away since i was starting to work on my internal belief system, but i will tolk about this in a post in the future a bit more.

But at a certain point in the learning process you can choose between only having the learning latform with less potential to use. But if you pay araounf 2500$ to 3000$ you will get full access but i don’t had this money so had to start learning some stuff by myself and doing a lot by myself to get started but i worked out.

I will talk abaout every aspect a bit more in future posts so stay tuned.

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