My look on motivational quote

The biggest Problem for me is to be motivated every day to keep pushing and learning new skills understand the society more and more every day to put on the right commercial to go with and learning how social media structures work.

To get this motivation every day is hard but somedays it’s straight forward self discipline and concentration. But someday I wake up and notice that today my own discipline doesn’t  fuel the whole day. On such days I’m looking into successful People and what they said about building success failures and getting yourself to motivation.

When looking for motivational business quotes you will find hundreds of websites listing motivational quotes but I didn’t find any website which shares a thought about the quote an what does it mean to certain persons to get inspired or to get a second perspective on success or the quotes.

Sometimes it’s useful to have a second opinion on something to really understand what is meant by it is the most useful thing in the world. Sometimes even your own opinion from another moment or day helps to understand what was meant by the input you got.

I look on most quotes in various moments in my life to understand what was really meant by them. For example I read a quote in a perfect or just joyful time in my life I only see what good points the quote says. When looking at the quote “Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.”(Maya Angelou) On a good day I will look an this quote and just seeing I’m liking myself so I will going to have success and I’m happy. But in the not so good days I see that I don’t like myself every day and I don’t get success but then I realize that the true meaning of the quote is that we have to learn to liking our self everyday in order to get successful. After that opened my eyes months ago I worked on myself to get me to this point of liking myself is hard work but it will be worth it.

See you in a future post.

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