Self motivation

One of my biggest problems with working for myself is to motivate me everyday to do what I need to do and to balance everything make plans. I tried for a long time to work on this topic for myself but I didn’t really worked the way I would like to have it.

So I went online to look for motivations to get me started everyday and well it’s the Internet so I found dozens of way to get you motivated. I tried different things and found out which type of motivation I am.
I think there are different motivation types out there in the world so everyone needs to find their own way to motivate themselves.

A few ways of motivating yourself are:

– Audio motivation: With Audio motivation I mean the people which are mostly motivated by hearing speeches of popular people or hearing audio books about motivation.

– Visual motivation: With Visual motivation I mean the type of people that are most likely to get motivated by pictures or by videos about motivation.

– lecture motivation: With lecture motivation I mean the type of people which are most comfortable with reading lecture about self motivation or something else.

And of course there are mixing types no person is only one type. For myself I’m a audio-visual type to self motivate and on youtube are enough videos to watch specially on this topic just search for it.

Have a nice day.

See you next time.

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