My way to an online business

So, I wanted to share my background story on how I got to an online business and what I did before I started this project.

For a quick disclaimer I live in Germany so the whole story is based here to just that you can understand why the school system.

I went normally to school till my 9th grade after that I changed to a profession-oriented school to make my A-Level. I’ve chosen Informationtechnologie as my primary study field. So in my last 3 years of school I learned programming, how Computers work and web design. So, I had good foundations for an University applications. I went to University for something around 2 years I started a business as a self-employed, because the study for university was to boring. After that it went pretty well for me, but I went from Programming and working in my favorite field to working as a supporter or even as an technician. I wasn’t happy at that time and it showed in my work effort.

So I went on a search for a new profession or side profession to change my life and get happy again. When I searched online I found out about earning money online through different ways. I’ve chosen affiliate marketing as my main field of starting an online business. After finding a new way to work I had to learn new stuff and get the motivation to work through all of that even when my old profession was completely different and nobody in my family and friends had any experiences or even really known about it. So it is not the easiest way to start a new profession but I worked it out and worked mostly in late hours. Now I’m on a good way to really do it full time.

Have a great day.

See you next time.

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