My problems with online learning courses for online businesses

For a short disclaimer I really like the way how the good courses are made and how they care about you and really help you to evolve and help you too get started. But for all the admiration I have for the online courses there is one massive problem.

The courses don’t get updated fast enough specially around the term I started right now between summer 2019 and early 2020 Facebook and other big sources of traffic to advertise your online products have changed their community guidelines massively. For example in summer of 2019 you could just post ads for your product in the right kinds of Facebook groups now it is more complicated and you can’t use auto posters anymore plus you can’t post to much or else your Facebook account will get banned or at least timely deactivated. The Facebooks ads are also way harder now to get your commercial running even if you start to disguise your ad it will probably get blocked even when it could be a real job offer or a real advertisement for opportunity.

On other networks to place ads have gone the same way as Facebook the only really good traffic source is to get a fellowship on any platform and then link your product in the Bio or something like that. But to get a good Fellowship is hard when you don’t spend money to get you off the ground first because the big numbers in the business realized the way it goes and have more potential an mostly more money to invest in new ways of online marketing. You can still post on social networks but must be more conscious on how you wright the ad so you have to learn new ways of Copywriting.

So, I found out when you want to start an online business in 2020 or in the time, I’m now at the beginning of 2020 it’s hard to get you skillset ready. You must use more of your time to research the ways online marketing in 2020 works until they update their courses for the new way social networks work.

As a dropout disclaimer I wanted to add, that I don’t have the time and money to test and investigate every course to see if they updated their courses. I know one course which should be ready for 2020 but I still have to look into it if you want to know which one it is leave me a message under the contact tab.

Have a wonderful day.

See you next time.

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