How I learn online marketing for free

I already talked about online courses which costs you money, but I found ways to learn online marketing for free.

First a little disclaimer it might be useful if you read the article “My problems with online learning courses for online businesses”. There I talked about what my backstory is so you understand my standpoint from which I write this article.

In the following article I wanted to share 3 tips where you can find tutorials, courses and tips on how to start your online business.

The first free knowledge source is as you most likely know is YouTube. On YouTube you will find a lot of youtubers which will tell you to get real success you have to buy the course they created. But when you commit to it you can pull out a lot of information from the videos. YouTube has the drawback that you have to invest a lot of time to get this information.

A second way of getting information is to find a blog which will talk exactly about what you need. But as YouTube you have to invest a lot of time to get the information you seek. But it’s a better way to get an overview of all. With this overview you can choose which way you want to go in online business.

Maybe you want to create a new field of online business then I recommend EdX as a learning platform. Most courses are free if you don’t want a certificate at the end of it. I’m using EdX right now to learning more about online marketing. The course I’m doing at the time is good structured and easy to understand.

When you have some other ways of free learning platforms let me know.

But the biggest point is to get motivated and hungry to get going and stay on this path. This path isn’t easy, but it can be really rewarding to go along.

Have a wonderful and productive day.

See you next time

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