Short recap of my first month going down the online business way

The first month of really going down the rabbit hole of building an online business changed my view on somethings that are necessary for being successful online.

At the beginning of this month or before that I had spend 400€ on online courses which are outdated and not useful. On January 6th I started an other online course which sounded great to begin with and could really teach me something with my own mentor an all other stuff to get started, but to get you really get you of the ground they wanted over 2500 dollars. I didn’t have this money perhaps when I have this money, I will test it again to get me further down the rabbit hole.

After this experience I started to self-educate me on this topic and get myself of the ground I knew it would take hard work and a strong dedication to do so. But at the end I’m a big step ahead of where I was a month ago.

One thing I toke out of the course was to change my internal-belief system. And I did it or am in the progress to do so. But I already noticed changes in my daily life and that gave me the boost to really take off.

I learned everyday new stuff to get myself forward towards my goal I tried different things, but they never really worked out because most knowledge was before Facebook changed their terms of condition. The way my point of view changed throughout this process was drastic. First, I looked in online businesses was like I want to do this, it sounds nice and so on. But in this one month I saw how much effort it will take what new knowledge I have to acquire. But It also give me the boost to give myself in this on a high level to start off. And I did now I’m on a point where I know a loot but not enough to earn a lot of money, but I know enough to get started and to start earning money and I worked out.

One reason I had chosen online business to go after was that I saw a big world of opportunities and many niches to go after. I’m still in the progress to get started but it really works of now.

Have a wonderful productive day.

See you next time.

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