Free ways to get traffic to your website or business

Creating traffic to your website or business is the most difficult task to get done in the world of online businesses. One way is to work with paid ads but when you don’t know how to do that you will lose a lot of money and most networks like Facebook don’t really like my way of online business affiliate marketing as a normal ad.

The way I get traffic (and remember I’m still learning) is to use social networks like Facebook, twitter etc. I will write a short explanation to every network.

First Facebook a big platform to use and can be very helpful but normally it’s cold traffic. One way to use Facebook for advertising is by using Facebook groups either to post in them the stuff you’re marketing or to use the people list in the group to write them direct messages and get them that way going.

Second is Instagram the problem is you first have to get a fellowship before you can make money and it’s tough to get the followers now, because there are so many people trying to get an influencer or to get a marketer on Instagram.

Third is Twitter there you will have the same problems as with Instagram, but there is one positive thing about Twitter. When you understand and can use the Hashtags right it’s possible to get traffic even if you don’t have huge number of followers.

The Fourth options is Pinterest there you can find people through categorization of your pictures and can put links in the picture information. I find it good as a second way of making traffic.

The next option is LinkedIn there you can find two things. The first one is to find people with same interest as you have there you can post your advertising and second you can find people which are at the point where you are and you have the opportunity to connect to them and that’s always a good thing.

At the Last there is SEO, or Search Engine Optimization Which means you can open a blog or do videos about topics you are interested in. The biggest bonus of this traffic method is that the people are searching for it so it’s not cold traffic. Because they are already searching for your topic and are willing to buy more easily. A good way of creating traffic that way is reviewing or making list on certain topics.

I hope you take some knowledge out of it.

Have a nice and productive day.

See you next time.

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