Helpful media which I use on my way to start an online business

I can’t suggest a online course yet because I haven’t found one which is good enough to recommend. Everything I learned so far is from books, forums or YouTube videos. In this article I will mainly talk about the books I use or have used to get the knowledge I have now.

The first book was recommended to me by another person who also went the way I’m going at the moment It’s called “Secrets of the millionaire mind” by T. Harv Eker, this book talks about the internal belief system how we can change it to get more successful. In most cases the internal belief system is working against us to fulfill the vision we have about money or success. I realized during this book how true it is that our internal belief system can stop us from getting successful or even when we get successful it works the way we lose our value to fulfill the vision.

A link to the book:

The second book I wanted to recommend to you helped me understand how affiliate marketing works but I’m still in the middle of the book and haven’t worked it trough yet. But It shows how affiliate marketing works different kinds of marketing or even how you find a niche which suits your own passion and you can relate to. It’s called “Affiliate Marketing the right way” by Jules Tillman-Amador. What I really like about this book that it shows a ethnical and good way to do affiliate marketing.

A link to the book:

The last thing I use on a daily is the App called Bambu for meditation I don’t know if this app works in English to, but I hope it does. The App is free, and it helps you to get started in meditation without you having a mentor or coach to do so. It works on the meditation principal of focusing on your breath when you have experiences in this field.

If you have a suggestion on what I should look at write me a message under the contact page.

Have a wonderful and productive day.

See you next time.

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